About RC's BEEs

RC's BEEs is the creation of Richard Charles Ramirez, a local artisan from Encino, California. Richard is the beekeeper, honey and wax collector, product designer/manufacturer, and the heart and soul of RC's BEEs. 

Richard was born and raised in Southern California and is descended from San Gabrieleño native Californians. His love of the land and its fruits are part of his family's heritage. This is evident in the quality of the "homegrown" products available to you here.

The beekeeping started with a box on the roof of his house in Encino and expanded to two locations, one in the foothills and one in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains. At different times of the year the bees will be attracted to multiple sources of pollen and nectar, ranging from white clover, eucalyptus, and citrus groves, to sage and chaparral wildflowers, among others. So the honey is "wild" because the bees go where they need to go to do their job.

Richard is well known in the local community for his generosity of knowledge, spirit, and also product – rarely leaving the house without a box of honey jars or frozen homemade tamales to hand out to friends and associates. His annual “Pig Party” and harvest celebration are not to be missed for over 25 years. Richard’s green thumb and culinary expertise are on full display along with locally sourced proteins, including a butchered pig to roast in his subterranean oven, turkeys to smoke in his homemade smoker, open-pit barbecued chicken, tritip and spare ribs, all to go along with a medley of homegrown vegetables and salads and fresh baked breads and pies. Needless to say, a food line can be seen extending out the driveway and down the sidewalk. There is always a keg of beer, a piñata, and a live country rock band for everyone’s enjoyment. 

We hope you enjoy RC's BEEs honey and hive products. All RC's products are as natural and pure and as direct from-source-to-you as we can make them. New bee products will be added as they are produced so return here often to check them out.